Donna originally found her passion in teaching, whether it was an adult Bible study, private piano lessons, or a classroom of teenagers, which is where she perfected the art of sarcasm.

Interacting with her students as they interacted with literature was an amazing experience. Their personal life stories as well as  those of others she encounters are the basis for much of her writing about life, self, God, and the battles we all fight. 

Her interest in life stories was piqued when she met Richard A. Ruiz. Their chance encounter gave her the exact type of story she had wanted to write since high school and has shared Richard’s life in her book,


The Life of Richard Aguilera Ruiz

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What Readers are Saying

About Creating Futures

Creating Futures is a gentle unfolding of the person, Richard Aguilera Ruiz, and his remarkable life. The reader is compelled to join him in his journey, beginning with the antics and defining moments of his early life. Richard’s initial shyness as a child soon grows into bravado which evokes a few interesting conundrums.
Experiences and encounters from his early life prepare Richard Ruiz for the moment when his life’s mission is set ablaze. After that moment, his life is consumed with fighting for the underdog in a way that bolsters the worth, dignity, and well-being of everyone he encounters.

Richard Aguilera Ruiz created new futures for people who had little or no hope.

Available on Amazon           Kindle $1.99 / Paperback $9.99

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The Blessing of Our Lady of Guadalupe Resurrection Cemetery, San Antonio, TX 17 December 2017

Celebration Mass

10 December 2017

St. Joseph Chapel

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