Don’t Hold Your Applause!

My early morning minutes are usually spent silently correcting everyone’s grammar on Facebook and not so silently correcting news anchors’ grammar on television. Quite a bit of eye rolling occurs during those times with only Harper as my witness. Eye-rolling is all I have left of my teaching career, so I was thrilled when I […]

Cape Power

Whether it is Egyptian or Turkish cotton, linen, rayon, terry cloth, 300 or 900 GSM (grams per square meter), a towel has the power to transform a child into a superhero. The common boring adult sees an adorable four-year-old running around the house with a towel flapping in the breeze, but the towel-wearing child sees […]

The Beauty of Change

Any type of change can be difficult, painful, uncomfortable: loss of a loved one, a move, a new job, a change in a relationship, a medical diagnosis. This morning, however, I am reflecting on changes that accompany the process of growing old which is difficult, painful, uncomfortable. I’m now buying concealer in bulk; soon a […]

Intentional Widow – A Short Story

“Hey! You’re kind of cute!” I jerked my head towards the voice in the left lane. The driver of the silver Corvette convertible winked as soon as our eyes met. A second later, the light turned green, and he took off. The car behind me honked impatiently, so I closed my mouth and stepped on […]

The Power of a Lullaby

Our middle child had a rough infancy. Our nights and my days were filled with trying to soothe him; he had colic in the worst way. I remember holding and rocking him at 3:00 a.m., not yet having been to bed. He was squirming and crying, and I was in tears, not knowing what to […]

Checkered Flag Only

Sometimes the mountain of negatives obscures my view of the positives, whether I am just trying to cook a meal, clean up the dog hair, or survive another day. I know that a lot of people have that same struggle. Lately, I have realized that while I tell myself I have the checkered flag as […]

Well That’s Awkward!

My most embarrassing moment occurred when my children were very small while my husband was working to grow a church in a small community. There was a large room with a separate entrance at one end of our house; the small congregation used that room for services. Sunday School (boy, that’s an outdated term!) classes […]

Measuring Up

Here in the Rhodes’ home, we are in the third month of our three-week renovation project.  During this project, there have been a few times when I was on one end of a tape measure: not my favorite place to be. Who has time to count all those little lines and figure out fractions? Why […]

Family Dinner

Last evening was a mid-week, no-occasion, family dinner. Mother-in-law made a delicious lasagna, daughter-in-law made a fresh, tasty salad, and I made some bread and a dessert. Two little boys were also here. They brought the giggles and kept us all on our toes. Life doesn’t get much better. The dinner discussion was quite interesting, […]

Silent Music

The concert hall was packed. The largest orchestra ever was assembled on the stage and two young vocalists nervously awaited the moment in which they would begin to sing. The conductor stood on the rostrum with his baton poised in the air. All eyes on the baton, the orchestra began playing at just the right […]