You Break, You Fix!

Moses chiseled out two stone tablets and met God on the mountain. They had a committee meeting of two where God wrote the well-known yet rarely obeyed ten commandments on Moses’ tablets. What a glorious event that must have been: the ultimate mountain-top experience. And then real life happened: Moses descended the mountain. Glory fled […]

Artificial vs Authentic

Need to lose weight? Substitute artificial sweetener for sugar. Knee joint all played out? Get an artificial joint. Can’t afford a real leather coat? Buy a less expensive faux leather coat. Don’t have enough cash? Manufacture some counterfeit bills. Need an A on your essay, but hate writing and don’t want to take the time […]

You Can Be a Who Too!

He was green and ugly looking, and he terrified my heart. With my elbows anchored in the carpet near the television (I was the designated remote control), and my face resting in my hands, I watched in terror as the Grinch plotted his crime of vengeance, then crept into each house in Whoville to steal […]

The following is my most recent contest piece. The assigned genre was drama set in Paris and I had to include a mask. Although I didn’t place AGAIN, I received positive and helpful feedback. This piece was special for me and I hope you enjoy reading. UNMASKED I was part of the human snake, slithering […]

Fitting Britches

It didn’t take much to impress me as an eight-year-old and the servers at a local restaurant ranked at the top. They stacked plates on their forearms, balanced them as they made their way to the table, leaned over to place them one by one without dropping anything. Amazing! They made it look so easy. […]

The Art of Plate Spinning

Every profession consists of balancing responsibilities – kind of like spinning a bunch of plates and sometimes choosing which ones to let fall. ********** My 5’ 3” frame was facing off with a football quarterback and a linebacker. It was a come-to-Jesus meeting I had called in the hallway before class started. I had an […]

Noah is Not the Only One

“He’s headed your way. Just wanted to make sure you’re home. Ok, thanks!” She placed the receiver back on the wall phone and returned to the kitchen door window where she swayed with her new baby and watched her almost nine-year-old march himself down the road. Once he turned into the neighbor’s driveway, she released […]

Welcoming Unwelcomed Guests

Have you ever had an unwanted guest? You know, someone who talks incessantly, is abrasive, goes through your drawers and closets, somehow makes you feel like you’re not good enough in one area or two or five? For me, the dilemma is that I really want that person out of my home, but I don’t […]

Re-Gifting (A very short story)

This is a 100-word story written for a contest. Guidelines required the topic to be birdwatching and the required word was “swear.” ************************************ An anthology of songs erupts above her. She centers the mockingbird in her scope as he releases his litany of music: beautiful, beckoning, mournful, majestic. He is earnest in his meaningful replications, […]

Good Friday Thoughts

This morning, as I reread the story of Christ’s arrest and crucifixion, I became interested in all the people who were involved in the events. Simon of Cyrene was just a passerby who became noted in history as the man who helped Jesus carry the cross. Malchus was the high priest’s slave whose right ear […]