Beauticians to Babies Anonymous Response

Below is a response from a reader who wants to remain anonymous but would also like his message to be tagged onto the last blog entry, “Beauticians to Babies.”  Please be sensitive and tactful if you choose to respond to this person. ~Donna

My deepest, darkest secret is portrayed in this blog entry. The number of years that have passed since I agreed to and even recommended my girlfriend get an abortion have not diminished the pain I feel from that decision. Not just once, but twice, I have agreed to the death of my own child for the sake of convenience and to avoid embarrassment.

The regret and burden of guilt I carry to this day far outweighs any advantage I mistakenly saw in choosing an abortion. I can’t imagine what women endure as a result of their choosing the abortion option.

God forgives but forgiving myself is another plight. If you are considering abortion as an option for an uncomfortable situation, whether you are the mother or the father, please seek any other option besides abortion. So many families ache for a child; there is help and support available. Please don’t make my same mistake.

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